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Our Story

  when your coffee hits those notes 

Incorporated by multidisplinary creative entrepreneur, Liz Ogumbo in 2021 as the coffee that blooms exotically as it steeps while exploring different notes and layers through your palette one sip at a time, Liz Ogumbo Coffee Co. grown in the coffee highlands of Kenya expresses an impressive depth of rich, smooth flavour highlighting notes of black currant flavour and fragrance.


Famous for its Arabica coffee, Kenyan coffee is considered the finest of its kind, grown at high altitude under ideal growing conditions.


The mild Arabica type, is well known for its intense savour, full body and pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa. It is a high-grade coffee from Kenya and is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Kenyan Coffee is sold all over the world and is enjoyed by consumers and blenders, particularly the AA grades.


It's not just coffee, its music in coffee. Each soundtrack to her Arabica coffee varieties is carefully written to bring to life the connection the coffee and the music emobodies; An experience you can appreciate by scanning the QR code to indulge into her world of coffee & music concurrently.

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