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Orders & Shipping

Our shipping Terms

  • Our coffee samples are available upon request.

  • The pricing of coffee is in the USD currency per 1 kilogram. Our minimum order for coffee beans is a Ton which is equivalent to 1000 Kilograms as indicated on our price list, FOB Nairobi, the coffees are packed in 60kg sisal or Jute bags.

  • Our minimum order for ground coffee is 100kg in packaged in 500gm eco-friendly packaging.

  • The buyer to raise a contract to be signed by the seller. Shipping terms must be clearly indicated.

  • The prices may fluctuate anytime as they are dictated by various factors but will remain constant after the contract has been drawn.

  • The payment terms are; Documentary Collection, Ex-Warehouse or a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit to be indicated clearly on the contract.

  • The minimum order quantity for our coffee beans is 1000kg and for our roasted and ground coffee (500g) is 100kg, however, a pre-arrangement can be made to move fewer quantities.

  • We can deliver large orders of 100 tons and more per order. (Shipping costs are not included but can be arranged at a different cost)

All our coffee is certified and meets the specialty standards.

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