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Boasting a wonderful aroma, excellent balance, acidity, power and a strong fruity accent, Our roasted and grounded Awete coffee derives it’s name from Liz Ogumbo’s Soundtrack, ‘Awete.’


Presented in 3 different versions; ‘Awete,’ the original Swahili love story from Liz Ogumbo’s KenSoul Album, ‘Awete Remix’ from Liz Ogumbo’s ‘KenSoul The Lotus Chapter’ album and ‘Awete Groove,’ her latest single. Awete is a Swahili love song that has evolved through seasons.


Like ‘Awete’ blooming when loves spreads around the air, there is no doubt that our Awete coffee will allow your palette to traverse through different levels her while she hits and explores different notes and layers through your palette one sip at a time.


Scan the QR code and let your coffee tantalize your taste buds traversing into your auditory senses through ‘Awete’s’ melodies and rhythmic soundtrack.


__Liz Ogumbo