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Our roasted and grounded Ubuntu coffee derives its name from Liz Ogumbo’s soundtrack, Ubuntu from her debut album KenSoul. Ubuntu is an expression used to embody the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood through unity in our human existence. (also reffered to as ‘Undugu’ within the Swahili-speaking East African community)


“Who ever said pain and suffering could never bring humanity closer?


This variety of coffee has been released through a spirit and foundation of Ubuntu; a foundation build off of a strong reconnection and bond with long time friend, Yvonne. With bright acidity complimented by elegant sweet notes, all this has unveiled at a time where the world has been reunited from pain and love through the novel pandemic crisis of our times, Covid-19 that still lingers amidst.”


Scan the QR code and let your coffee tantalize your taste buds traversing into your auditory senses through ‘Ubuntu’s’ melodies and rhythmic soundtrack.


__Liz Ogumbo