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Coffee Beans

Ground & Roasted

Liz Ogumbo Coffee Co UBUNTU PACKAGING_edited.jpg

Our roasted and ground Ubuntu coffee derives its name from Liz Ogumbo’s soundtrack, Ubuntu from her debut album KenSoul. Ubuntu is an expression used to embody the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood through unity in our human existence. (also refferred to as ‘Undugu’ within the Swahili-speaking East African community)


This variety of coffee has been created in the spirit and foundation of Ubuntu build off of a strong reconnection and sisterhood bond.


With bright acidity complimented by elegant sweet notes, all this has unveiled at a time where the world has been reunited from pain and love through the novel pandemic crisis of our times.


Scan the QR code and let your coffee tantalise your taste buds traversing into your auditory senses through ‘Ubuntu’s’ melodies and rhythmic soundtrack.

Tasting notes:

Body: Heavy on the palate during consumption.

Acidity: Pleasant tanginess when the coffee first hits the palate.

Flavor: Ranges from mild-to-rich while seducing your palette’s coffee tones and blues.

Aroma: Powerful evocative smell that serenades your senses.

Roasted Arabica AA Beans

Image by Hans Ripa

Our Arabica AA grade coffee beans considered to be one of the world’s finest premium coffees are available in light, medium or dark roast based on your preference and packaged in 60 kilogram jute sacks for export. Our beans are available for a minimum order of 1000kg (1 ton). Email us for orders at

Raw (Green) Arabica AA Beans


Our raw Arabica AA grade coffee is roasted locally (In Kenya) and packaged in 60 kilograms bags for export. Our beans are available for a minimum order of 1000kg (1 ton). Email us for wholesale order at

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